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As our client you can expect to receive individual attention and support on an ongoing basis:

Our client service experience:

Investment Management

As the fiduciary responsible for your financial assets, we are dedicated to acting in your best interest when making recommendations about your savings and investment strategies. That includes making sure your investments are allocated appropriately for your personal risk tolerance and financial stage of life.

Comprehensive Investment Planning & Guidance

We encourage our clients to create an investment plan prior to making investment decisions. We will help you to refine your dreams into actionable goals and create a strategy to pursue those goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly Financial Reviews

A crucial part of any investment plan is to review your accounts on a regular basis. We are committed to meeting with you as often as you need to make sure your investment strategy is still working for you and to change what is not.

Quarterly Phone Contact

You will receive an account statement about two weeks after the end of each financial quarter. We will follow up with you at that time to see if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

Monthly Financial Newsletters; Quarterly Market Reviews

We like to provide clients with the opportunity to learn more about a variety of financial topics, including the economic and political forces that affect the financial markets. You will receive monthly & quarterly email newsletters on those topics and may opt out at any time.

Beneficiaries Reviewed Annually

Oftentimes the best intentions go awry when beneficiary designations become outdated or obsolete. We will review your beneficiary information with you annually and recommend an estate attorney if needed.

Educational Seminars & Client Events

To further my relationship with our clients, we offer educational seminars and client events. These activities allow us to get to know one another outside our regular office meetings and phone conversations.

Need financial guidance on your investments?

Tailored Advice for Complex Lives

Nuvoak took the time to understand our situation & tailor their advice & solutions to our specific needs which, being a business owner, can be quite complex. Their strategies & advice have been clearly articulated & have placed my wife & I at ease.

Paul Marsh,Onix Creative - Business Owner

Guidance towards Secure Retirement

They listened to what I want to achieve for a secure retirement & have guided me towards an investment plan which is balanced for growth & security. They have been extremely helpful, and very practical.

Kathy CSelf Funded Retiree

First Class Financial Advice

NuvOak advisors have a formidable background in financial planning. They complement each other in providing first class financial advice. Their honesty, integrity & sincere interest in securing a financial future for their clients makes them a standout group.

Peter Wilson
IT Professional & Business Owner

Enjoy the Fruits of Working Life

I have been highly impressed with their recent retirement plan & start to enjoy some of the fruits of our working life. Chris & Mark were able to provide me with the impetus to take the next step which could have been delayed without quality financial advice.

Dr. Kevin Adams
Self Funded Retiree